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Contest Information

Contest Information: Welcome

Sections and Rounds

The program consists of many different rounds and sections, some of which are prepared for and judged prior to the finals and others at the finals.

We have developed a unique and diverse selection as we understand that everyone is different and has different skills, focus areas and passions and as well we want to provide opportunities to gain new skills and experiences.


Contestants choose a charity to represent throughout their journey. They are required to fundraise and raise awareness for the charity through events, social media, and fundraisers.


Contestants will each have a short private interview with our panel of judges. The interview structure has been designed to be relaxed so not to be a stressful experience for entrants.


Contestants will take to the stage in their evening-wear to show of their confidence, elegance, personality and charisma.

Ethical Fashion

Contestants design outfits using ethically sourced fabrics, up-cycled old clothing, and recycled materials. They will showcase their designs onstage in the Ecowear Round.


Contestants choose an outfit to represent and show off their unique style and personality. They will showcase their outfit onstage at the finals in the Personality Fashionwear Round.

Community Hero

Contestants complete appearances, activities, events, and gestures of goodwill in their communities and for their chosen charities.

Contest Information: List


Miss Diamond International believes in recognising achievements, therefore we have created the largest selection of awards and titles to be won. Below are just some of the awards up for grabs in the competition.

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