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About Miss Diamond International

Celebrating the beauty and diversity of every individual©

Miss and Mr Diamond International is more than just a beauty pageant. We are a community hero initiative, focusing on building a program for people of all ages to be able to have a platform to fundraise and raise awareness for a cause close to their heart. Unlike any other, MDI is fun, different and celebrates diversity and individuality.

We are proud to be unique - just like our contestants.

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What is the program?

Developed through years of experience in the pageant community. A unique, diverse program to provide exceptional opportunity and experiences for contestants.

The program has three core areas; Personal brand, charity and community hero. Each carefully curated to complement each other, provide contestants with opportunities, skills experience and development as well as ensuring a fair, fun and positive competition. Below outlines each core area at a high level.

Personal Brand - Positive self image, confidence building, publicity, brand representation, social media, vlog etc

Charity - A platform to choose a charity to fundraise and raise awareness.

Community Hero - Public appearances and publicity with a community and charity focus

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Hear from some of our previous contestants

Our experience with Miss/Mr.Diamond Australia is amazing, this beauty pageant is not just being beautiful but being beautiful inside out, my daughter serenity love MDA because she felt that it is more a family than a competition, which supporting each other and help building their confidence, public speaking, and be a good role model. We recommend this pageantry as for what we experience it is a world class, very professional, and the amount of hard works the directors put on to make everyone special. To those who starting and looking for a pageant to compete 💯 percent MDA is the one thing you dont want to miss. 😀❤️💎💎💎

Jennifer Hogg

What an amazing experience and fantastic two days. Days full of joy, anticipation and excitement. Gabi had a blast. Being a fitness girl most of the time, she didnt have much experience on the catwalk, but Morgan was lovely to spend time with her and teach her the tricks of the trade.. In just 20 minutes Gabi learned to do the "walk" very confidently. Also big thank you to Dyan & Emma who made her look incredible. xo

Gabby P

WOW is the first word that comes to mind. We had the most amazing experience at MDA We were lucky, we can with friends which was super exciting and we got to share tge experience with them. The entire experience allowed Alanna to grow and she took away with her a sisterhood of friends, as did I. Supportive organisation and amazing families who I wish every sucess for in the future ❤️❤️❤️ Gillian & Alanna

Gillian & Alanna

Dakota Lee Shaw had the best time of her life. The directors Charlie and Morgan made every effort to make Dakota feel welcome for her first major pageant. The love and friendship she made will last a lifetime. Thank you MDA

Sujan Shaw

I had the most amazing experience at Miss/Mr Diamond Australia. The directors make sure all contestants have a fun and positive experience. In the lead up the directors provide constant updates using live videos and give us a chance to ask any questions. They were always quick to respond to messages and happy to assist with any concerns/questions I had. On the weekend of the event, the directors planned an exciting itinerary of activites including an ice breaker party where it was our chance to make connections with the other contestants. Every detail is well thought out and this is an extremely organised event. If you have ever thought of doing a pageant, then look no further than Miss/Mr Diamond Australia. Highly recommended.

Anthony W

Had an amazing time Charlie and Morgan and i know we have all gone home with great memories, lots of new friends and a whole lot of motivation, determination and self confidence.

Emma C

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